Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Python Web Client 0.1

The release
I've polished a few rough edges, and I'm now (somewhat) proud to release Python Web Client 0.1. It's still lacking in features, but it's got docs and an easy way to start it, and what's more, its pieces work on non-Windows platforms. I've also handicapped it a bit to allow me to put up a hosted version for people to try out, here.

What's next
Well, with this "release", the foundation of the project should be more or less complete (though I don't have it in continuous integration yet). That should make it pretty safe to add features. I'll see what I can put into it over the next few days and get a 0.2 release out, that will hopefully be more useful. If I people are interested, we might make it to 0.3, at which point I'll try to get it on PyPi (it would be nice to have a project up there).

I'm not sure there's a good solution, but I find all the context-switching that goes along with setting up a new project to be a real drain on productivity.

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